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Happy New Year to all the Culinary Federation of Jamaica members, even though we are two months in the year; I welcome you all & ask you to continue to work with us so we can achieve our ultimate goals of educating our members, unearthing & exposing local talents & developing contemporary Jamaican/ Caribbean cuisine.

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have served the CFJ over the past two (2) years. This period has been very successful in our brief existence and looking back, we have gained more medals in the Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Competition over the past two years, than we did for the previous five (5) years, this success is due in part to the commitment of our active board members.

We staged the Taste of Jamaica Culinary Competition & got involved in a number of Charity events such as Shaggy & Friends, The Heart Foundation of Jamaica Fundraising event & The Prime Ministers Fundraising Dinner; at these events we are able to showcase the talent & quality of the CFJ.

We have also taken part in the Observer Food Awards, Food & Wine 13, Portland Jerk Festival, JAMPRO, JTB, JHTA food events & the CHTA Final night Street food Party. 

Dennis McIntosh 
Culinary Federation of Jamaica


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