President's Message

Ladies  and Gentlemen let me take this opportunity to welcome to the Taste of Jamaica 2015, we hope that this year's event will once again be very exciting for those competing   friends, coworkers & hotels who support them. The CFJ once again try to unite the industry before the winter season by putting on Taste of Jamaica each year we support our farmers, develop future hospitality workers & open some doors.

Young Jamaican cooks, waiters & Bartenders will once again take part in two days of spirited competition that will allow them to get their creative juices flowing & get some of them the opportunity in seven months to represent Jamaica in June 2016 in Miami for Taste of the Caribbean, we have done very well in the event over the past four years.

 In the team & individual competitions   some new talents will emerge who i hope will make good impression & represent us well in the future, as the future is all about the youth & their capacity to take up leadership positions.

CFJ continue to be the driving force in Jamaica to advance culinary arts in a meaningful way by giving students & industry pros the opportunity to develop their skills & use of locally grown products, spices & beverages. It's is very clear that Jamaican food & our marketability worldwide is very popular in the international market place at this moment allowing many industry pros to have some opportunities for career advancement & growth.

Food is one of the main reasons why many people take overseas vacations so dining in or out of your resort need to be a memorable experience. By developing more educated, skilled & motivated workers we are able to provide the expected quality of service delivery our guest expect this will drive up the average spend .

Jamaican culinary staffs are starting to create niches for themselves overseas & this is because our taste profile is now very much in vogue as through our food we express our true spicy, edgy & colorful cuisine. With the solid foundation built on training, competition & exposure we now see more opportunities opening up as the quality of our workforce improves.

Our Bartenders also now have shown marked improvement in the last few years & studies have shown that guest coming to the Caribbean are willing to pay  $10 dollars & more for a well constructed cocktail, so our bartenders competition is also well anticipated as we have the support of some of the beverage vendors .

Not all hotels or resorts understand the importance of investing in their  culinary staff development & exposure however we give special thanks to all our sponsors who have stayed with us over the years to help & support us in staging this event , we could not do it without you thanks again as always "a rising tide lifts all of us".

 Dennis L. McIntosh


CFJ President,  Executive Chef Moon Palace Jamaica Grande.